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HD2 how fast?

Dieses Thema im Forum "General Discussions" wurde erstellt von rolfey, 22. September 2010.

  1. rolfey

    rolfey New Member

    Registriert seit:
    16. September 2010
    I was looking at Petteri's review on Etowalk today, and I'm worried that the HD2 looks a little on the slow side?

    It may be the video not doing it justice, but is does look sluggish, Petteri, can you confirm how much slower it is than the original? It's 460 dual core I believe, so that should come in about 920? I would not expect it to be much slower than the original. but having looked at the vid on Youtube for the desire it looks as though it's running rings around the HD2 for speed, and it's only running at 533!

    So, is it that the HD2 isn't really that fast at all, or the graphics chip on the desire is just better?

    Or, that the HD2 is really quite a fast phone but the video isn't doing it justice?

  2. Petteri

    Petteri Well-Known Member

    Registriert seit:
    13. August 2009
    Originale:HTC M8, GALAXY Note 3
    Clones:Huawei Honor 6, ZOPO C7, ZP900
    Tablets: Acer Switch 10
    Hello Mike, both HD2 clones i have are surely not so fast like the Original HTC HD2 (Difference like 40% in performance i think), sometimes the T-Mobile Version with capacitive touchscreen lags a little bit, but the both are faster than other clones! their cpu speed seems like about 520 to 600 in real life! :)

    The graphics chip is very good on both phone, they have a really brilliant display!

    Cheers Michael