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News leak: UMi SUPER Smartphone

Dieses Thema im Forum "News von China Produkten" wurde erstellt von Nerdy Testing, 27. April 2016.

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    16. April 2016
    Der chinesische Smartphone-Hersteller UMi hat die Bekanntgabe zu einem neuen Smartphone, welches auf den Namen "SUPER" hört, bestätigt. Dabei lässt UMi die Leser noch weiterhin im Ungewissen tappen, nur wenige Informationen werden (noch) zur Verfügung gestellt.

    Das UMi Super soll einen Super-AMOLED-Display sowie eventuell eine duale Kamera auf der Rückseite verbaut haben. Das Design wirkt elegant und schlank.

    Hier die vollständigen Informationen und Bilder:

    One of the best feature SAMSUNG phone is the Super AMOLED display. In a Super AMOLED display, a touch-sensor is placed over the display (on-cell). The thickness of the touch sensor is just 0.001 mm and this allows the screen to provide better images and to have great visibility even in direct sunlight (Samsung says that they perform 20% better than regular touch AMOLED outdoors).

    It seems like Super AMOLED is the most ideal display that deserve to be called “Super Screen”. UMi is likely thinking the same as us. Our insider today leak out the news that UMi SUPER probably will use Super AMOLED to make it as “Super Screen” and live up the name “UMi SUPER”.

    Beside, a smartphone with Super AMOLED display will enhance the VR experience. UMi the company already launched their first VR on Amazon. We have all the reason to believe the UMi SUPER will be the next killer along with the VR market.

    We don’t have further info yet but we don’t think the SUPER phone will be out anytime soon. So while we are waiting for the truth, the company now is running a ***** for their current best selling flagship - *****.

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    Why not to take the chance to test your luck today?!


    Super leak: UMi SUPER to have Dual-camera with bazeless body


    After the big launch of all metal UMi TOUCH, a 4000mAH big battery, front touch ID and a 13MP Sony camera, the company is now busing moving forward to the next flagship phone.

    Our source just confirmed the bazeless phone early rumored as TOUCH X is called UMi SUPER.

    Here today we got a design photo showing that the UMi SUPER might equip with Dual-camera.

    Unlike the LG G5, Huawei P9 or the latest rumored iPhone 7 pro is following the led, the two cameras are not sitting side by side of each other at the top, instand, the SUPER camera lining up along with the dual flash LED.


    They says the Dual-camera is the future of mobile photography because of the hardware limits. There’s only so much you can achieve within the tight constraints of a device that’s less than 9mm thick, and phone companies are looking for alternative means to keep improving."

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