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Sciphone Upgrade bezahlen??

Dieses Thema im Forum "Allgemeine Informationen/Fragen" wurde erstellt von winter_099, 9. Januar 2009.

  1. winter_099

    winter_099 New Member

    Registriert seit:
    12. November 2008
    china phone
    :mad: so ein eemail habe ich heute morgen erhalten ......

    ich habe Gott sei dank kein i68 , ansost werde ich mich mit so was ärgern

    Many users have been asking me what the status of the I68+ FIRMWARE
    UPGRADE is. The developer JavquiSoft has contacted us and informed us

    *****The update is now less than 8 HOURS AWAY.*****

    This upgrade is similar to what the old i68 customers had available
    several weeks ago EXCEPT:

    *The i68+ upgrade will bring any version i68+ ( including the old ones
    with BUGS) to the latest version 3.0a 3 page main menu version.
    *Some customers have fake Sciphones it seems. The developer has
    confirmed that this should not be an issue either. Even though you may
    have a version with poor features Javquisoft wants to give you the
    option to upgrade also.


    Remember I68+ UPGRADE CUSTOMERS will be getting monthly
    updates,Version 3.0a 3 page main menu, bugs eliminated, scrolling
    menus, faster java, bigger phone books and many more features.

    The previous i68 upgrade

    This offer will hit your inbox in the next few hours/ days. The
    demand is very high at present from pre-release customers and the
    first public release is PREDICTED TO SELL OUT FAST.
  2. Asspony

    Asspony New Member

    Registriert seit:
    1. Oktober 2008
    Sony Ericson
    Eine gute Nachricht für die Besitzer von älteren SciPhones i68 + :) :)