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Standard Banner:
180px wide by 108px height
180px wide by 220px height

Other sizes are possible on request!

Please send your price requests to GtaBK!

Through a banner advertising, you may create threads in the category "Werbeshops Infos & User-Reklamationen" and publish your different offers according to our rules.
  1. 1. Writing in this category is only allowed in possession of an advertisement banner on
  2. 2. Every Shop must have an account with the Shop's name!
  3. 3. In this category every advertising shops have the opportunity to introduce their shop, publishing a photo of the person of contact is also advisable.
  4. 4. Every shop is allowed to submit weekly one thread. Only discounts, contests and other promotions in which the chinamobiles-users have an advantage are allowed to be posted.
  5. 5. Every post will be reviewed by the team member Gtabk to its accuracy and if appropriate enabled.

Not Permitted:
  1. 1. It is the advertising shops prohibited to contact Chinamobiles-users via private conversation with non authorized advertisements.
  2. 2. Advertising is explicitly allowed in this category! In all other areas of the forum, this is strictly prohibited.
  3. 3. Multiple accounts are not tolerated in any circumstances, and will be banned immediately.

  1. 1. In a first violation of the above rules, you are kindly invited to respect the rules. A very gross violation may cause a blocking of the account.
  2. 2. In case of repeated offense, a warning will be issued. A third warning causes the blocking of the account of at least 14 days. Upon vesting, the account will be activated again.
  3. 3. A new offense after the vesting period causes a blocking of the account of at least 6 months. Should a new offense take place after this blocking period will automatically lead to the complete exclusion * from the Forum.
  4. 4. If a double account is created during the blocking period, it can lead to a complete exclusion * from the Forum.

* A complete exclusion from the forum means:

No possibility to advertise on

No writing options in the forum.

Censorship of the shop name.

Banners during blocking:

While a possible blocking of the account the advertising banner will stay online unto the already payed date. This banner can still be booked during the vesting period.

Other forum areas:
  1. 1. It is the advertising shop allowed of course to participate actively in the threads and assist the users. However, shall under no circumstances appear, a link to the shop, offers, a link to this category or the shops name in the thread.
Offences: see Penalties

The Advertising Store assumes all responsibility for the accuracy and legality of image and text. Therefore is exempted of liability for protecting ability, competition and sign legal legitimacy .This applies in particular in those relating to competition law, trademark law and patent law.

All action in this category is not in any coherence with and is the responsibility of the respective stores.

Price reductions:
at least 3 months: 3% discount
at least 6 months: 6% discount
at least 12 months: 12% discount
The total run time must be paid before online of the banner.

You can change your banner at any time without supplements. Please send your banner to:

Flash banner will not be accepted!

Payment possibilities: Paypal, Wire-Transfer
4. Februar 2014

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