A1- ROM problem ? english ROM ?

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    A1- problem

    Hi, sorry for my english, but i dont understand german, and i need a help.

    I have model A1-
    from package :
    MTK 6516
    ROM : 512m , RAM : 256M, 240x400 wqvga .

    When i flash phone with this german ROM file :


    All is OK., look here : http://webpriestor.sk/germany.jpg

    But when i use english, /sended by vendor/, or Tops a1 Black diamond english (etowalkrom)


    SPB mobile shell at start - This device is not supported
    System is started without SPB
    SIM card not recognizes - both slots - Please Insert SIM
    No sound
    When system is standby - it can not be awaked by key, only reinsert battery and boot again.

    When i try CleanBoot - device going offline and dont boot again, I must reinsert battery to boot again.

    look please : http://webpriestor.sk/english.jpg

    where can be wrong ? wrong ROM ? or version ? i do not believe it that only i have this problem.
    have a someone correct english rom ? if you can, please help ... ​