Ciphone C6 firmware upgrade

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    31. März 2010
    Hi I have Ciphone C6 except the screen is not working. Not sure how it ended up like this but Ive been told that the Rom maybe corrupted.

    The phone links up to windows fine and responds to active sync.

    Ive been trying to reflash the phone although its abit tricky with not being able to see whats going on, with the screen not working. o_O

    Can I flash the phone with the standard cable it comes with or do I need a special cable like what is required with the pinphone??

    And Is this the correct way to enter the download mode??

    hold the home button, Volume up button and the power button together, while using the pin to reset the phone???

    Ive tried a number of times now but the phone just keeps connecting to active sync??? o_O any ideas??