[Help] Kiphone 4gs WiFi Settings

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    Kiphone 4gs
    Hi, I need with the wifi settings of this phone, I really don't know if the WiFi "board" of the phone is broken or I don't configured it well. I followed some tutorials in internet of how to set te wifi in the Pinphone 3gs and I dis the same thing, but it find the wifi hotspots but the signal power bars are all grey even if the phone is next to the router, and i try to connect to internet using the browsers Opera mini (4.2- 5) UCweb , preinstalled in the phone, and Bolt but all i got is a "Cannot connect to network".

    I contacted the seller (a DHgate one) she gave me some indications but none seems to work.

    Im doing something wrong or the phone is the defective?

    I followed this tutorial http://blog.sourcinggate.com/2010/the-wifi-setting-steps-of-pinphone-3gs/