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    Hey everyone. Since my experience with the Pinphone 3GS was not that great. I gave that phone to my sister. Now I'm in the market for a new phone. I've managed to narrow my choice down to two phones.
    The HKC Ti-HD and Sunno S880.
    I love the looks of the HKC and it has WM 6.1, 256 ROM/RAM, 3 mp camera, 3.5 mm headphone connector.
    The Sunno looks aren't that great but it has a faster processor, WM 6.5, 256 ROM/128 RAM and 5 mp camera / LED flash, unsure of headphone connnector.
    Not alot is known about the Sunno S880 other than the usual pre-launch banter, like it was supposed to be a dual boot phone (WM and Android). Appearently the dual boot idea has been scrapped for just WM.
    Anyone want to give their opinions on either phones. Pros and Cons. Thanks!