"not allowed to dial" problem solution Cesim A9530

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    14. September 2009
    Cesim A9530
    "not allowed to dial" problem with Cesim A9530

    --> SOLVED :dance2:

    Hello everybody, after playing arround for a while, collecting a lot of other information from the net, I got the problem solved with my phone:

    01. Make sure two SIMs are online with good coverage, WLAN switched off.

    02. Press the "call"-button and type in *#9646633#

    03. The phone shows "Engineer mode" with a menu of 10 different items.

    04. Go to No. 10 "RF test tool", using the up/down button at the left side of the mobile.

    05. Choose "GSM"

    06. A message shows up "Wifi....blabla", just confirm with OK

    07. Choose "Power Scan"

    08. Select your local GSM frequency (in my case DSC 1800 for Germany) and press OK.

    09. The mobile will freeze now, because its adjusting itself. Leave it like this for about 2-3 minutes and wait !!!

    10. Connect your mobile via USB cable to a PC, DO NOT CONFIRM any connection mode at your mobile, just and ONLY connect the cable!!!

    11. Press the Menu button (second from the left, the one with the seven small dots on it) until you are at the main menu with the 12 icons on the display.

    12. Go to "Settings" --> "Network Setup" --> "SIM1 network setup"

    13. Go to "Preferred mode" and choose "GSM preferred" or "GSM only"

    14. The mobile will switch to your selection, but the message that it will stays on display. Do not press anything else, just wait for about 10 - 15 seconds.

    15. Disconnect the USB cable from the phone, it will show you that it has switched to your selection.

    16. Get back to main menu, switch off and restart the mobile --> DONE. :smoke:

    I hope my "weekend job" is helping a lot of other people to get rid of this annoying problem. Please bomb your supplier with emails, so maybe we do get a general solution to this problem. Next I will check why I do not get the "Opera Mini 3" working, maybe an update is necessary first.

    Many greetings from Germany,

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