ZTE Open C is the first phone with the latest update to Firefox OS, cool!

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    Nowadays, a smartphone with android and IOS system is the mainstream. But there are some geeks are keen to use the new system. So ZTE announced that the Open C smartphone with Firefox OS.


    Targeted at first time smartphone users and early adopters wanting to try out Firefox OS, the Open C offers a 3MP camera and 4-inch WVGA screen, and is the first commercially available phone running the latest version of Firefox OS. Seems cool, right?


    Firefox OS smartphones are the first devices powered completely by Web technologies and offer all the things users expect from a smartphone like SMS, MMS, music, apps, maps with offline capabilities, social integration, and much-loved features like the Firefox Web browser.


    The ZTE Open C will be the first phone with the latest update to Firefox OS, offering many new features including direct music player access from the lock screen or notifications bar and advanced Bluetooth sharing, allowing multiple files to be transferred simultaneously. Users can now navigate the phone quicker with smart folders which automatically arrange apps or app searches into categories, enhanced scrolling performance and faster system app (e.g. calendar, address book, camera) startup times.


    The phones won’t come preinstalled with any network specific apps or services and are unlocked global variants targeted at first time smartphone users and early adopters. [​IMG]

    “We are pleased that ZTE is delivering another Firefox OS device, building on the success of the ZTE Open,” said Dr. Li Gong, Mozilla Chief Operating Officer. “The ZTE Open C is an amazing experience for first time smartphone buyers.”


    Source from: http://mzl.la/SJmTZj
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