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Diamond2 t5388+ problem

Dieses Thema im Forum "General Discussions" wurde erstellt von rick19011, 29. Juli 2010.

  1. rick19011

    rick19011 New Member

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    29. Juli 2010
    Hey guys, I have a few problems with my diamond 2 t5388(has 192mb ram and 806mhz marvell PXA310 processor, 480 x 800 resolution)

    When I now take a picture with the camera, the screen goes black like when it previews the picture at the end but thats just black but the photo is still saved but they are all corrupt when i try to open them on my pc or on the phone itself, secondly when somebody sends me a mms say a picture for example i click the download button and then it just says recieving and i dont even get the picture.

    i have tried a master clear but it does not help, also updated the rom and still the same problem,
    I am running windows 6.5, will installing a new rom fix these issues, I honestly don't know much about these phones so I hope you can help me guys, thanks