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Google Weather API ist nicht mehr

Dieses Thema im Forum "Software (Programme/Spiele)" wurde erstellt von Chocoball, 19. September 2012.

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    Seit enigen Wochen zeigt mein Fancy Widget 1.3.0 kein Wetter, Temperatur und Wettervorhersage mehr. Leider war es nicht das App aber Googles Weather API ist leider nicht mehr.
    Last month, Google announced plans to shutter iGoogle, among a bunch of other services. Many developers and users were (and still are) outraged, but at least they have some time to breathe: iGoogle isn’t going away until November 1, 2013. That means there are still 15 months left to adjust and export your data. Yet some changes are already starting to take effect: the company’s private Weather API, for example, appears to be dead in the water. The Next Web has reached out to Google for comment. While there has been no official announcement or communication indicating that the API has been closed, it is noteworthy that iGoogle — the product that the API serviced — is now using Wundergrond.com instead, as you can see in these two examples: 94102 and Mountain View. This would suggest the search giant has knowingly made the switch.

    Quelle: http://thenextweb.com/google/2012/08/28/did-google-just-quietly-kill-private-weather-api/