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Looking for a trust worthy shopping place!!

Dieses Thema im Forum "General Discussions" wurde erstellt von shugs81, 1. April 2012.

  1. shugs81

    shugs81 New Member

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    1. April 2012
    Blackberry crap!
    Hi peeps...

    I'm currently in the market for a new phone and there's some nice looking cheap chinese phones that I'd like some feedback if anyone has used them or possibly other reccomendations.

    Min spec i want is Android 2.3, GPS, 3g/wcdma (essential!!!) pref 512mb ram.... less than £150/$240/180 euros (srry... keyboard sucks!), Android Market access/ability to install official market

    would also like... 4"+ capacitive screen... good speed processor

    Some potential Candidates mainly spotted on ebay are :

    G18 Sensation 5"
    Star E8
    Dapeng A7

    These all have 5" screens and I've seen them running on youtube... anyone own them with any feedback? is 5" to big for a mobile phone? does it look stupid when on a call?

    Star A3

    These are around 4" screens... both seem to run pretty well according to youtube vids

    I was looking to replace my knackered old tablet which is why i was looking at the 5" screen models... could anyone tell me what these phones are like to read from? I have a lot of pdfs and looking at some digital magazine subscriptions... so wondering what they are like to read from...

    games aren't top priority... tho angry birds would get played often :grin: tho that nfs hot pursuit looks good and there's a game with a mini in demo vids whiich looks good...

    Mainly what I am asking is... what sites are reliable for uk purchasing, what sites to avoid, and looking at the phones I have listed any reccomendations / warnings that can be offered?