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Seller IBUYGOU - my experience

Dieses Thema im Forum "General Discussions" wurde erstellt von Stepan H, 5. Oktober 2012.

  1. Stepan H

    Stepan H New Member

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    5. Oktober 2012
    Hello Forum,

    I'm new here. Just registered actually as a result of a negative experience with a seller from China.
    I hope this is the right place to share good and bad experiences with Chinese mobile device distributors and maybe find a better one.

    Sadly my first bad experience is with regards to a company called IBUYGOU from Shenzen. They sell all sorts of mobile/GSM related stuff.

    I bought a GPS tracker from them. it took three weeks to arrive, their portal tracking still shows it as "on the way".
    Then the device arrived and it returned a location via SMS just once, then it stopped working completely.
    Customer service wasn't technical enough, so I was told to write an email to someone called "King". King replied, but not to the questions I asked. Back to cust. serv. They have now been dealing with it for two weeks and gone on holiday for a whole week. Now asked for my money back, no response.
    It's really upsetting.

    But I can only warn everyone now. They may be fine if everything works well. But if it doesn't your money is gone...written off.

    Can someone recommend a better seller? Someone who one can indeed trust and rely on?