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Star A1000, A2000, A3000 & A5000 Flashen ohne Kabel...

Dieses Thema im Forum "Android Phones Tutorials" wurde erstellt von Phossy, 29. Februar 2012.

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    Gefunden bei XDA-Developpers: [GUIDE] Star A1000, A2000, A3000 A5000 - xda-developers

    Ich konnte die benötigten Dateien leider hier nicht hochladen.....siehe URL oben

    Star A1000, A2000, A3000 & A5000 GUIDE

    Updated: 5 October 2011
    NEW CLOCKWORK RECOVERY for A1000, A2000 and possibly others available! CW.zip attached!

    If you find this post helpful please leave a comment so I know it is being used and I keep it here.

    This is everything I know about these phones, I have been learning from the chinese http://m44.com.cn and the russians http://4pda.ru/forum through a translator but have managed to fully modify my phones (previously had A1000 now have A2000). Most of this will apply to the A3000 and A5000 too - I dont have files for these devices but can show you how and where to get them.

    - I take no responsibility for any of this information, it is all based on my personal experience and I do not guarantee it will work for all of you as these models do very slightly from region to region. Proceed at your own risk! I make no claim on these files as being my work - they are a collection i have simply gathered in my work on these phones


    These phones usually have 3 main systems that are bootable:

    - Recovery
    Some model have a default recovery (I believe A1000 does not) this allows you to perform advanced restoration of the phone, what features the recovery has will depend on what is installed, typical features include:
    - Nand backups
    - adb/USB
    - Install Zip from Sdcard
    - Install update.zip
    - clear cache, user data
    - format sd
    - reboot options

    Accessed by: Power key & Volume up (+) together on boot

    - System
    This is a the folder on the main partition and it comes directly from the ROMs ZIP file
    Accessed by: doing nothing on boot

    - Factory
    This is where like the phones bios it holds device information
    This comes from the kernel within the boot.img of the ROM
    I believe this is actually also stored on the system partition but acts independantly.
    Accessed by: Power key & Volume down (-) together on boot

    Tip: i find it works best when you pull battery and hold buttons as it comes on.

    I have uploaded useful tools that should work for all these phones in the attached StarTools.zip file.

    It's contents:
    Root Explorer v2.13.1.apk
    IMEI fodler (Imei restore/fix)


    - Install Z4 root apk from sd card
    - select permanent root option (apk attached)


    Before you install recovery you need to gain root access.

    Universal: (temporary)

    The recovery-update.zip inside the StarTools.zip is a version of clockworkmod that should theoretically work on all models.

    -It needs to be installed from a permanent recovery (as below or stock) by the install ZIP from sdcard option or by renaming update.zip and using that option.

    It works by copying the files in to the cache partition and not modifying the kernel in any way - this means it will not be there once the phone is restarted* But it allows you to use clockwork recovery options as normal.

    * If you find your phone keeps booting in a loop in to the recovery afterwards you need to select a clear cache option.

    Model Specific: (permanent)

    I suggest eveyone backup their recovery before doing this as I do not know where to get the stock recovery from.

    All permanent recoveries need to be install using the flash_image command within a terminal to do this:

    - Root the phone
    - Install root explorer
    - Copy the flash_image (attached inside the flash.zip file) file to /system/bin
    - install and open Terminal.apk
    - Type "su" (without the quotes ofcorse)
    press enter
    -Type "flash_image recovery /sdcard/model.img"
    replace model with your .img file name
    Press enter
    - once it completes type "reboot recovery"
    Press enter

    I have found this flash_image file corrupts easily if it is not installing your recovery properly try googling a different version of the file.

    - This should reboot and present you with your recovery mode.


    - Stock recovery:
    As far as I know there is no stock recovery (or mine failed)
    - Custom recovery:
    In the A1000A2000rec.zip file (Attached) you will find a chinese version of the recovery Mobile uncle recovery image (A1000.img from m44.com.cn) which should work on most Star A1000 phones - key words like SD and ZIP are in enlish so you can perform an update zip. Most other functions do not work on this recovery as it was ported from A2000.


    - Stock recovery: Upon pressing recovery combination keys you will be presented an android with an exlamation mark (!) press the home key and this should give you and option to install an update.zip.
    You can install the rename the attached recovery-update.zip to update.zip to boot in to clockwork recovery mod.
    - Custom recovery: In the A1000A2000rec.zip file (Attached) you will find A2000.img this is the english version of Uncle mobiles recovery (from m44.com.cn).

    NEW A1000/A2000 Clockwork recovery!
    This can work with ROM manager but you need to install this recovery manually then select a recovery in ROM manager that requires manual install ( I just simply selected capacitive recovery but denied it super user permission when it requested it so it could not flash the ROM) - I now can see all the ROMs and install them through ROM manager - most ROMs will likely not working but it is opening up new ways to upgrade - ENJOY!!
    Make sure you check the clockwork recovery is working immediatly before installing a ROM!

    - Stock recovery: Unknown
    - Custom recovery: Can be added by request

    - Stock recovery: Unknown
    - Custom recovery: Follow above instructions to install recovery from A5000.img within the a5000rec.zip.


    I suggest you back up your stock rom (lots of guides on the net) as I have never found a ROM exacltly the same as my original and many others may be incompatible.

    I will be posting some links to cooked chinese ROMS (most also work in english) for these phones shortly below (most require signup to dl.dbank.com - use translator):

    A1000 0605 V1.0

    A1000 0606 V2.0 0607

    A1000 0528rom

    HTC ROM 110522 A1000+A2000


    A2000 Iphone UI ROM 6.0

    A5000 A ROM

    A5000 B ROM


    A3000 ROM A (Port ffrom A5000)

    A3000 ROM B

    A3000 ROM C

    A3000 CTP+OFN+OV2655+TV

    For mobileuncle.com you can use the login bugmenot and password bugmenot since it is very hard to sign up using a translator.

    I have found most roms will not work on your partiticular model and usually you need to find one that does or get a copy of your stock rom and extract the the boot.img from the zip - this is because the hardware differs between phones even within the model and the boot.img contains the kernel. This stops us from using A2000 roms on A1000 and vice versa because one is resistive trouchscreen and one is capacitive if you boot with the wrong kernel contained within the boot.img the rom will install but the screen will not work.

    Restore Imei

    You will need to do this if your task/status bar at the top of the phone says INVALID IMEI under the sim status.

    Note: device must be rooted! (Use z4 tool)

    - Each phone needs its own unique file to be created - do not use the MP0B_001_NEW file on any phone except the one it is created for it is illegal.

    1) Extract files within IMEI folder to \Windows\system on your computer

    2) Open a command prompt
    -Press windows key + R
    -In the run box type in cmd
    -press enter
    -A black window will appear with writing

    -Enter the following text:
    imei.exe <15digit_IMEI_1> <15digit_IMEI_2>

    (eg: imei.exe 123456789111111 123456789111111)

    Press Enter

    - If both IMEI you gave are in correct format the file named MP0B_001_NEW will
    be created. Now you can put it on the sd and insert that in to the phone.

    3) Run root explorer and Copy the file
    copy it to: /data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI/MP0B_001 (or similar)
    (system need r/w need to be on)


    Installing Market on a cooked ROM:
    - Using Titanium Backup - backup your Stock ROM's Market.apk and Googleservicesframework.apk (App+data)
    - Restore these (App + data) using Titanium Backup on to your new custom ROM

    This phone uses Agps
    There are 2 types of A2000 - Star A2000 and Star A2000-GPS. GPS is possible via the Internet traffic (A-GPS) on A2000, but A2000-GPS has an inbuilt GPS chip (I believe flashing the wrong rom or boot.img may result in no GPS on A2000-GPS but this is unconfirmed)
    - The other models may be the same way, especially A1000

    Screen Calibration:
    - download and install calibrator.apk from calibrator.zip
    - Run program to fix sides of the screen not registering touch properly.

    Increase audio volume:
    - download and install m44tool from m44tool.zip
    - open the app and select get started, enginer mode, audio, select mode you want to alter, select audio from the drop down and set to chosen value - the lower the value the higher the volume, make sure you do this for all 5 channels (called something like FIR0 - FIR5 from memory)

    I have seen some radio fixes which I can supply on request for some models.


    check-data error or similar
    If your rom is giving you a check-dataapp error or similar altering your update script to remove this procedure can remove the error and allow the rom to install! (As always suggest you backup the entire zip or update-script file first.)

    update-script is usually located in META-INF\com\google\ or META-INF\com\android withing the Zip
    Open it with a text editor (basic editior - not notepad)

    Ctrl+F to find and type "check"
    this will point you to the line of the command that runs the check on the files data (sometimes may be multiple lines).
    find the first ; from before "check" text and the one after it highlight everything in between and one of the ; so you are left with just one ; in the spot.

    Save the file, if you were editing from an open zip the zip will soon ask if you want to update the file in the zip. Click ok, yes or whatever to accept.
    copy the zip back to your phone if using a pc and replace the original and then reboot to recovery and retry the file.

    Dont install roms from a A1000 to a A2000 and vice versa, unless...
    Unless you replace the boot.img file or kernel (if you know how).
    I have some tools for anyone who needs to change there kernel but usually you just need to replace the boot.img as this contains the kernel.
    A1000 is Capacitive - A2000 is Resistive. If you install the others ROM without replacing the Boot.img your screen will likely not work even though the rom will install.

    Once you have flashed your first new recovery
    YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR STOCK SYSTEM (nandroid backup suggested) before installing your first ROM.
    The ROM is likely the best suited to your needs and it is possible no other ROM will match your needs so closely (besides creating a hybrid with stock).
    You may find the rom you install does not work with your phone and if you have not created a backup you will have to try many ROMs until you find one that boots your phone.

    Once you have found a ROM that can boot your phone
    (By boot I mean it loads the bootloader)
    You can now try to use install other ROMs by copying the boot.img file from your working ROM and replacing it with the boot.img in another ROM that previously did not work.

    Keys not working after new rom install
    The boot.img file of the ROM you are using likely came from a different version of the same model as yours with different key layout.
    You will simply need to try more ROMs until you find one that is compatible or use your backed up stock boot.img

    Screen not working at all after new rom install
    You have likely installed a ROM from a phone with a different screen than yours resistive vs capacitive - You will simply need to try more ROMs until you find one that is compatible and then you can use that working ROMs boot.img file in your ROM to get it to work - or ofcorse you can use your backed up stock boot.img

    Edges of screen not working after custom ROM install
    Download and run Calibrator.apk
    follow the instructions once the 4 points have been touched click save then exit. You should now be able to drag down that pesky status bar.

    System or ROM seems slow
    These phone can be quite fast with a good kernel and lean system, I was lucky enough to find one that worked faster than stock with my A2000, but most models will not be so lucky. The phones struggle heavily with 3D and do not have much power but with the right setup the can seem very fast but still have a more basic feel than their branded counterparts.

    Volume Fix (when full volume is not enough)
    Video here:


    If you have an advanced problem you can email me byteshertz@hotmail.com if your problem requires an advanced knowledge, operation or a large time investment I may request a small fee before offering the support.

    For general issues I will attempt to answer most of your questions for free.

    I can also repack and tailor roms to your particular phone for a fee but do not have the time to cook you fully custom roms.