How can we Backup SMS and contacts to PC for windows mobile

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    Do you want to make a copy backup for your windows mobile phone?Do you want to upgrade to a new phone?Do you want to reset your phone to default setting?Now I found and recommend this third party software called GodswMobile Windows Mobile Transfer Suite.

    Just backup all your personal information before they are lost.Take care of your valueble information.

    Requirement: Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6
    Summary: GodswMobile Windows Mobile Transfer Suite is a package which contains two hot sell software - GodswMobile SMS Transfer and GodswMobile Contacts Transfer. So with this powerful package, you are able to backup and restore text messages and contacts between windows mobile phone and computer easily.

    Key Features:
    * Backup and restore contacts, including sim card contacts and mobile contacts;
    * Backup and restore text message for windows mobile;
    * Support backup and restore SMS and Contacts to text file(*.txt);
    * Transfer SMS and Contacts from mobile to computer;
    * Including an application for windows pc to view,edit and print SMS and Contacts;
    * Support set photo and ringtone for contacts on computer directly;
    * Support unlimited SMS and Contacts backup/restore;
    * Fast backup and restore speed;
    * Easy to use - 3 click to finish the backup or restore job;
    * Fully support Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and 6.
    * Fully support VGA and WVGA Screen. (Such as HTC Touch HD 2,Pro 2,Diamond 2)


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